Mar, 24, 2022

Wistron Coporation and WiAdvance Participated in the 2022 Kaohsiung Smart City Exhibition

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Wistron Corporation and its subsidiaries (including Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc., WiAdvance Technology, and Wibase Industrial) participated in the 2022 Kaohsiung Smart City Exhibition and demonstrated the critical technology of 5G, AIoT, and Edge computing. With Big Data, Wistron Corporation provides solutions such as mobile intelligence, public safety, and smart buildings/epidemic prevention hotels to promote urban governance and digital transformation.
Based on Cloud, Data and AI technology, WiAdvance provides cloud-based service and vertical solutions which suit various industries and operational scenarios, enabling the customers to boost the business in today’s ever-changing world.
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Smart Solution for Building/Quarantine Hotel

WiAdvance Technology's Smart Building and Quarantine Hotel solution will help hotel operators ensure the safety of customers and staff while providing accommodation services. Our cloud-based platform can help hotels to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks so staff members can focus on providing an excellent guest experience. This solution integrates IoT application scenarios, collects data, and analyzes data by AI model. Through the RFID system, the contactless inventory of consumables in the guest rooms is managed. In addition, the cloud-based platform integrates the camera system images of public areas to detect the frequency of entry and exit, notice dangerous behaviors, obtain face-emotion recognition, and issue alarm information for COVID-19 prevention and management. Through multi-dimensional IoT devices, hotel staff will be able to care about the emotional state of the guests at all times and provide timely and caring greetings. With intelligent food delivery robots guiding the rooms, the intelligent hotel service with zero-contacts service could be realized.
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