Jul, 27, 2020

Wistron, Microsoft to collaborate

Wistron Group (緯創集團) yesterday announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft Corp Taiwan’s artificial intelligence research and development center, whereby the two firms would create an office in Kaohsiung for artificial intelligence and big data-related products and services.
Wistron is also to invest NT$50 million (US$1.69 million) over the next two years to develop new talent in the area, Wistron Corp (緯創資通) vice chairman Robert Huang (黃柏漙) told a news conference in Taipei.
The office is part of the contract electronics manufacturer’s “digital transformation” from an original design manufacturer into a technology service provider, Huang said.

(From left, WiAdvance Technology Co president Michael Hsia, Wistron Corp vice chairman Robert Huang, Microsoft Corp Taiwan artificial intelligence research and development center chief executive Michael Chang and Wistron chief software strategist Charlie Chen pose for a photograph at a news conference in Taipei yesterday. / Photo: CNA)
“Big data is not just for big business … it is the company’s mission to help all businesses embrace digital technology,” he said.
The Kaohsiung office is to have a strong emphasis on the cultivation of talent, as “we are growing people, not factories,” he added.
Artificial intelligence technologies are being developed for many different industries, and Wistron, in conjunction with Microsoft, plans to use its resources, as well its subsidiary WiAdvance Technology Co’s (緯謙科技) expertise in corporate digital transformation and smart manufacturing, to address various challenges facing local industries, Huang said.
Huang also serves as chairman of WiAdvance.
Tragedies such as the fire that killed six people at a karaoke parlor in Taipei in April could be avoided if inspectors could continually monitor firefighting equipment online, WiAdvance senior technology director Raymond Fan (范振煌) said.
Smart technology could also assist with disease prevention efforts by tracking individual’s movements and body temperature without compromising their privacy, he said.
As an example, Wistron has provided En Chu Kong Hospital (恩主公醫院) in New Taipei City’s Sanxia District (三峽) with a smart healthcare system incorporating remote capabilities.
The system allows medical instructions to be passed to patients and doctors to inspect how wounds are healing remotely, the company said.

Reference Information:TAIPEI TIME
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