Jan, 22, 2021

CHT unveils NT$300m Kaohsiung plan

Chunghwa Telecom Co (CHT, 中華電信) yesterday announced a NT$300 million (US$10.53 million) investment in Kaohsiung’s Asia New Bay Area (亞洲新灣區) along with 13 corporate partners to build information and communications technology (ICT), and 5G infrastructure in the area.
The investment is also aimed at developing new applications for 5G as part of the 5G AIoT (artificial intelligence of things) International Alliance, which the Kaohsiung City Government initiated on Nov. 30 last year, comprising the city government, some central government agencies, technology companies and telecoms.
Chunghwa Telecom was the first among the nation’s telecoms to obtain a 5G license from the government. It launched its 5G services on July 1 last year.
(Chunghwa Telecom Co chairman Sheih Chi-mau, front row fifth left, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai, front row sixth left,
and corporate representatives pose at a news conference in Kaohsiung yesterday. /Photo: CNA

Chunghwa Telecom chairman Sheih Chi-mau (謝繼茂) told a news conference in Kaohsiung that its new investment would create more than 500 jobs over the next three years.
The project is a key part of Kaohsiung’s digital transition and would “let the world see Taiwan’s 5G capabilities,” Sheih said.
According to the company’s plan, Chunghwa Telecom would build a fiber-optic network in the Asia New Bay Area, construct cloud servers and create a 5G private network in the next three years.
The area would be a testing ground for new 5G applications, such as smart manufacturing, artificial reality/virtual reality, drone deliveries and other new applications, the company said.
Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁) said that Chunghwa Telecom’s expertise with ICT would help Kaohsiung maximize its metropolitan capability.
“We hope Chunghwa Telecom will help push Kaohsiung’s digital transition and diversified industrial development forward, and accelerate the city’s development toward becoming a 5G smart port city,” Chen said.
Chunghwa Telecom’s 13 corporate partners include Microsoft Corp, Coretronic Corp (中光電), Jorjin Technologies Inc (佐臻), GoodLinker Co (谷林運算), Askey Computer Corp (亞旭電腦), Linker Networks Inc (寶蘊凌科), Techman Robot (達明機器人), iStaging Corp (愛實境) and WiAdvance Technology Co (緯謙科技).

Reference Information:TAIPEI TIME
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