Aug, 19, 2021

Chunghwa Telecom Forms Alliance with Wistron and WiAdvance for 5G Smart Factory


Chunghwa Telecom has announced a partnership with Wistron and WiAdvance to introduce a 5G enterprise network at the Wistron factory in Hsinchu Science Park. This collaboration aims to create a smart factory using advanced technologies such as AR remote collaboration applications. By leveraging WiAdvance's expertise in 5G, cloud, and manufacturing applications, this initiative demonstrates Chunghwa Telecom's commitment to providing innovative solutions for enterprise clients.

Wistron will leverage the enterprise private network for various key projects in the smart factory, including applications in AGV unmanned transport vehicles, AMR autonomous mobile robots, AI defect detection, AI ergonomics engineering, AIoT production line intelligent parameter adjustment, MR mixed reality, and other technologies. By harnessing the low-latency characteristics of 5G and combining them with production line automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing capabilities, the aim is to assist factories in reducing process defect rates and improving production efficiency, while simultaneously enhancing important metrics such as equipment utilization and process balance. In today's highly competitive environment, businesses require high flexibility in production configurations, and the use of 5G enterprise private networks ensures swift adjustments to production line configurations in smart factories, thereby increasing capacity and operational efficiency


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